Yashar Mehasade

Construction and Development of Diverse Agricultural Farms
Consulting and Accompanying Agricultural Projects

Our company specializes in establishing, managing, supervising, and agricultural production in tropical climates.

We offer establishment consulting and accompaniment of agricultural projects and the development of diverse agrarian farms, fruit orchards, greenhouse crops, and open spaces. Moreover, we accompany and cultivate all types of vegetables and poultry industry (chicken coops for meat and chicken coops for egg-laying sheds) and provide training to locals in the growing sectors.

Among the projects we have carried out are the following:
  • The establishment of a farm in Gabon, Africa – accompaniment and project management of diverse agricultural farms, growing vegetables in open areas and greenhouses, planting fruit orchards, establishing and operating chicken coops for eggs, and providing training for workers in the various branches.
  • Management of the Congo’s President’s farm – producing vegetables and poultry for eggs and establishing additional agricultural farms specializing in chickens and eggs.
  • Management of productive farms in Central America for vegetable crops, melons, and watermelons for export to the United States.

Accompanying agricultural projects in Mexico to marketing and exporting to the United States.


Yashar Mehasade (70030)

Initial contact to be made via the Federation of Israeli Chambers of Commerce:  

International Relations Division

Email: chamber@chamber.org.il


  • Farm owners interested in business and professional cooperation, UN aid organizations, Ministries of Agriculture.

Central America, South America, Africa.