Extal Ltd.

Import: Aluminum & Aluminum Waste Export: Aluminum Profiles

Our company is a worldwide supplier of aluminum components. Our profiles integrate
the innovative products of international companies. Our company became a known
reliable supplier of Aluminum components to different industries .

Export: Our company can provide its customers with various management programs and
worldwide just-in-time deliveries with local warehouses .

Among our services :

Extrusion: two extrusion production lines based on 1.800 and 4.000-ton presses with
profiles up to 320mm wide and 27 kg/m weight.

Die Shop: over the 25 years, our company has gained vast experience and know-how in
the field of die-making.

Fabrication: Cutting, Punching, Bending and Milling Machines .

Assemblies: Welding, Riveting, Mechanical Joining and Chemical Pasting.
Assemblies can be done for a large variety of materials, such as Plastics, EPDM, etc .

Import: aluminum and aluminum waste.


Extal Ltd. (21886)

Initial contact to be made via the Federation of Israeli Chambers
of Commerce:
International Relations Division
Email: chamber@chamber.org.il



Automotive industry, Construction industry.