Easy Line Ltd.

Medical Food/Clinical Nutrition: Products and Know-how & technology transfer in the field of Ready for Use Liquid Nutrition Formulas (FSMP) for various applications

The company is a manufacturer (in UHT technology) and distributor of Ready to Use Liquid Nutrition Formulas (FSMP) for various applications.

In 2002, after three years of extensive R&D, the company launched its first product in the Israeli market. Since then, the company has been dealing with its production, marketing & distribution.

Despite the technological challenge, the company created a homogenous, stable, sustainable, palatable, and safely performing formula. All of our liquid products (for oral and enteral feeding) provide the total nutritional needs of the target users; they consist of all nutritional building blocks- proteins, carbohydrates, fats & oils, fibers, vitamins & minerals.

The significant potential of this market and its proven expertise and success in this product line encourage the company to explore global opportunities, preferably achieved via collaboration with companies worldwide that are interested in expanding their business into medical food by setting up the brand and product line for their local market.

We are looking for collaboration based on our know-how & technology transfer – we will provide a complete process package, technical support, and formulation adjustments to meet specific market needs. It will enable optimal penetration and expansion in this most promising market.


Initial contact to be made via the Federation of Israeli Chambers of Commerce:  

International Relations Division

Email: chamber@chamber.org.il


Distributors to hospitals and nursing homes, pharma or food supplement companies seeking expansion into emerging market via value-added product line.

Central and Eastern Europe, India, South Africa, China, Brazil, Chile, Colombia.