Dea Research & Development Ltd.

A New and Unique N99 Disposable Mask for Biological Events

Our company developed a new, unique N99 disposable mask for biological events. The mask’s advantages are 99.8% filtration, a protection factor higher than 400, low breathing resistance, excellent user interface, and comfort.

The design includes a pioneering innovation for ensuring tight-seal and high filtration capabilities, which is patent pending. A pleated design to increase surface area allows easier breathing, maximal filtration capacity, and compensation for facial movements that would otherwise jeopardize the integrity seal.

Marketing potential: hospitals, laboratories, first responders, fire departments, army, medical emergency services, biological emergency reservoirs, industry, and civilian users.

We are looking to commercialize our product by cooperation with producers.


Initial contact to be made via the Federation of Israeli Chambers of Commerce:  

International Relations Division



  • Manufacturers with abilities and knowledge of non-woven welding/ disposable respiratory medical/industrial masks experience.

USA, China, Japan, Korea, Singapore, Europe.