Export: Cyber intelligence service that does automatic monitoring and analysis from the Dark Web

Description of Offer

Our company, founded in 2014, with about 100 employees, is a cyber threat intelligence company with developed technology that monitors and analyses cyber threats and leaks of sensitive information originating from the Darkweb Network.

The company uses advanced artificial intelligence technologies to provide accurate information on what is happening on Darkweb, detects attacks and alerts and responds to threats before they occur. It examines the information and creates profiles by analyzing the behavioral patterns of Darkweb users and the hidden social networks in which they operate while sending real-time alerts. The alerts are done secretly preventing warnings to other players on Darkweb.

The main goal is to protect organizations from malicious cyber-attacks before they occur. This is done by enhancing security with cyber-threat intelligence solutions to prevent attacks.


Initial contact to be made via the Federation of Israeli Chambers of Commerce:  

International Relations Division



Distributors, agents and buyers working in the field of Cyber Security. Internal customer CISO (chief information security officer)  

Latin America, Spain, Portugal.