Nando Technoligies Ltd

Export: Autonomous Drone in a Box

Nando is a drone-based autonomous platform that offers a wide variety of autonomic solutions. What this means is a drone that can perform reconnaissance and patrols autonomic allies – without any human intervention. The products depend on the specific needs of the client.

Still, such an advanced drone must require a skilled and expensive operator, right? Wrong. The hardworking team of our company has been experimenting, building and rebuilding until reaching a perfect fully independent docking and charging station, utilizing advanced technology and liberal thinking.

Once the site-specific parameters are fed in the platform system – the drone is completely autonomous in all of its functions, from launch to deployment, data capture, analysis, landing and recharging. A monthly or bi-monthly visit by one of our technicians is more than enough to maintain it in perfect operational conditions.


Initial contact to be made via the Federation of Israeli Chambers of Commerce:  

International Relations Division


All countries.

USA, Europe, Mexico, South America, South Africa, UAE and more.