Rav-Bariach Locking Products (RB-LOCKS)

Cylinders, Locks, Cam Locks, Padlocks, Motorized Cylinders, Locking Solutions, Smart Lockers and Duplicated Keys

Our company specializes in manufacturing residential and commercial doors, lock products and security solutions, ensuring that homes, businesses, and institutions remain safe and secure for half a century.


With global presence in 50 countries across five continents, we target the needs of locksmiths and lock professionals for reliable total lock solutions in a varying range of security levels; high defense security, commercial and residential.


Total Lock Solutions:

We specialize in providing total lock solutions, offering a large and varied selection of products available to all locking needs and requirements.


Within our product range, you will find multiple types of lock systems, cylinders, keys, locks, lock accessories and hardware.


We offer a wide variety of professional support, locksmiths and professionals that are able to accurately offer the most relevant locking products and perfect solutions, strengthening their position when competing with large commercial and industrial projects.


Rav-Bariach Locking Products (RB-LOCKS)

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Worldwide, with a focus on Europe.