GDT Dental Implants

Dental Implants, Prosthetics, Dental Tools, Bio-materials, Drivers, Screws, Analogs, Sutures, Surgical Kits, Drills, Bone Grafts, Sponges and much more.

Our company leads the way in oral implantology, refining the field to perfection and
empowering dentists and clinics worldwide with advanced solutions. Our high-standard
products are meticulously crafted under strict production supervision, ensuring
outstanding clinical results. From concept to packaging, we set the bar for precision and
excellence .

Based in Israel, we aim for a global impact in dental care. Our comprehensive catalog
caters to diverse needs, emphasizing efficiency and excellence.


GDT Dental Implants (78633)

Initial contact to be made via the Federation of Israeli
Chambers of Commerce:
International Relations Division


Distributors seeking dental implants & products.

USA, Canada, Latin America, EU, Non-EU European Countries.