Yanaytech Smart Innovations Ltd

Innovative Sensor for Dairy Farms/Milking Systems

We are a young and dynamic company with over ten years of experience, providing smart solutions to everyday challenges in the agricultural industry in general and the field of milking systems in particular.


Our innovative milking switch is comprised of an advanced interface consisting of a wearable ring and a durable metal button operated through a magnetic proximity sensor. The farmer wears the ring while conducting the milking process to activate the vacuum in the milking system. This acts as a replacement for the “start” button located in the control box, which tends to wear out very quickly, making it difficult to operate and causing a waste of resources, effort, and time. The vacuum is activated when the farmer brings the ring closer to the metal button. This ensures maximum comfort for the farmer, prevents wear and tear on control boxes, and provides faster operation and significantly improved process efficiency.


Our switch is revolutionary and interfaces with all milking systems. It significantly improves the efficiency of the milking process, saving time and money for the farmer.


Currently, we are looking for partners, distributors, dairy equipment installation companies, and customers in the dairy farming business for our innovative product in the milking system/dairy farm business. 


Initial contact to be made via the Federation of Israeli Chambers of Commerce:  

International Relations Division

Email: chamber@chamber.org.il


Distributors, dealers, milking system equipment installers, and dairy farms customers

USA, New Zealand, Mexico, South Africa, Europe