B. Bekurim Ltd.

Import: Basic Food Products
Export: Canola Oil

Our company started its food business a year ago. Since then, we have exclusively signed a contract with a canola oil factory in Europe, which we import to Israel at the lowest price. It allowed us to close contracts with many chains and stores.

We have purchasing power, and we are interested in expanding our activity and importing products such as:

–           Basic food products, such as: sugar, preserves, pasta, legumes, nuts, etc.

 –          Frozen fruits and vegetables, frozen chips, fresh fruits, and vegetables.

–           Fish – salmon, tuna, fillets of tilapia.

–           Disposable products, nylon products, hygiene products, and toilet products.

–           Dairy products and beverages.

We are open to any good and attractive food import proposal for us.

We only consume Kosher Food and provide kosher services, which greatly reduces the cost.

We can also export high-quality kosher canola oil everywhere and to every Jewish community worldwide.

We are open to any cooperation. Contact us if you have any ideas or suggestions, and we will move forward.


Initial contact to be made via the Federation of Israeli Chambers of Commerce:  

International Relations Division

Email: chamber@chamber.org.il


Suppliers, manufacturers, distributors.