Levidey Lavi Trade and Marketing Ltd.

Import: Cladding Solutions.

Description of Offer

The company was established 70 years ago, and is a leader in construction input.

The company provides raw materials to manufaturers of furniture, kitchens, projects for hotels, high-tech companies, hospitals, and factories.

The company has a factory that manufactures kitchen doors, with production lines for gluing on raw materials (Hpl / veneer on boards).

The company has 150 employees in the fields of marketing, sales, production, service, logistics administration, management.

It imports over 3500 containers per year.

The company is looking to import and market the following Cladding solutions:

MDF, HPL, melamin faced bord, HDF, vario, lami oak block, butcher oak block, raw board, American walnut lumber/oak lumber.


Levidey Lavi Trade and Marketing Ltd. (14415)

Initial contact to be made via
The Federation of Israeli Chambers of Commerce:  

International Relations Division

Email: chamber@chamber.org.il


Manufacturers of the required and mentioned Cladding solutions.

All African Countries, Thailand, Indonesia, Vietnam, Brazil, USA, Turkey, Greece, Eastern Europe, Russia, All former Soviet Union countries, Finland.