Emka Klein – Outopia

Export/Representation: Luxury Aluminum Outdoor Kitchens

Description of Offer

Since its establishment in 1952, the company has been operating in various industrial fields; 10 years ago, the company entered into the processing of aluminum products and the planning, designing, and manufacturing of outdoor kitchens.

Throughout the years, the company has also expanded its operations to include custom-made luxury outdoor kitchens.

The company has developed a unique patent for the design of aluminum profile using dou tone two by two elements as well as using of hidden adapter technology. The aluminum treated in powder coating or anodize coating that ensures the long-term durability and high quality of its outdoor kitchens.

The company’s outdoor kitchens are lightweight and offer high-end quality, making them suitable for rooftops and balconies too.

The company’s patent is internationally registered and sees the implementation of a distinctly engineered kitchen structure with thin aluminum profiles contemporary modern design and state of the art engineering same as high-end indoor kitchens.

The company offers custom design kitchens to meet any architect desire integrating top brand grill & cooling appliances.


Initial contact to be made via the Federation of Israeli Chambers of Commerce:  

International Relations Division

Email: chamber@chamber.org.il


  • Distributors who are well familiar with the field of luxury kitchens (indoor as well as outdoor).
  • Distributors in the field of high end grill appliances and fireplaces.
  • Distributors of outdoor kitchens.
  • And/or distributors who are connected with specialists from the design fields (architects, internal designers, contractors, and entrepreneurs).